46 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

Marlon Holden 2020 Hunting Year in Review

  Title: 2020 Hunting Year in Review with Marlon Holden   Show Notes: Even though this year provided challenges that were unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, there were still plenty of opportunities to get out there and get into the wild. I talk with Marlon Holden about his 2020 goals to harvest a better age class and animals with more character, and he shares some of his favorite highlights from the 5 archery deer that he bagged.    If you listen to guys who are consistently out in the field, doing a great job, you’ll be able to better understand what stalking should actually look like. I have to remind myself, “If you think you’re going slow, you’re not going slow enough”. A big part of hunting is thinking about what you’re doing and why you need to do it, and then analyzing how you can improve your technique. No one does this better than Marlon, so I hope you listen close to how he analyzes what he’s doing out in the field.   In addition to hunting, Marlon also takes clients out to capture fine art photography. Some of the same techniques that he uses in hunting can be translated over into the work he does capturing landscape vistas and natural settings.    Putting down big mule deer bucks with a longbow is some next level stuff. We debate compound bow versus longbow, and why some hunters decide to challenge themselves by switching between the two. 2020 was wild, but we’re both hopeful that 2021 is going to be a great year with some good hunts planned.    What’s Inside: What kind of tempo should you bring into a hunt, and how do you figure it out? Once you become a true student of understanding how you can move and what sounds you can make, then you start to change how you approach a buck.  What can you actually do with a compound bow?  Mentioned in this Episode: Days in the Wild on itunes Days in the Wild on Podbean Phoenix Shooting Bags Save 20% with code: johnstallone Days in the Wild Bushnell.com Save 15% on everything at Bushnell with code: STL02 Primos.com Marlon Holden on Instagram Short Description: Marlon Holden and I talk about some of his favorite hunting moments from 2020, including some of his best archery hunting. For him, the year was busier than ever, but he still took the time to stretch his hunting skills by challenging himself to find better animals.  Tags: Longbow hunting, compound bow hunting, mule deer, better stalking techniques, 2020 hunting review, AZ hunting, CA hunting, hunting guide, hunting outfitters
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