36 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Late Season Bull Elk Hunts Clint Hamblin

Title: Late Season Elk Hunting with Clint Hamblin


Show Notes:

Late season elk hunting in Arizona starts the day after Thanksgiving, so for those of you who’ve drawn tags this year, I thought I’d bring on expert elk guide Clint Hamblin. A third generation Arizonan, Clint guides for Steve Chappell, and he has extensive experience across the state.


In these bull hunts, Clint and I talk about what your strategy should be when you’re getting a tag, and what you’re looking for when you’re out in a unit. Even though the late hunts can make it difficult to find elk, once you can establish a herd, you’re going to find some success.


Year to year, you may not find consistency in where a herd likes to hang out. There are always changes in water and food, and even human interaction that will push them off of their regular spots. But there are usually some good indicators to tip you off. Clint prefers burned areas on south facing slopes, places where you can cover a lot of area with binoculars, and finding a way to cover a lot of the country.


As a guide, Clint feels a responsibility to his clients to give them the best hunt of their life because for many of them, it might be the only guided hunt they ever go on. I’ve had that late archery tag three times and tagged out twice. I know how much work it takes to find elk this late in the season, but also how fun and rewarding it is to just to get out there and enjoy some solitude in the wild.


What’s Inside:

  • How to use wind to help you find deer and elk.
  • Strategies for finding elk when it’s cold out.
  • Why I’d take decent binoculars over boots any day out in the field.



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Short Description:

If you’ve never hunted late season elk before, you might be concerned about whether or not you’re going to find any animals. As an elk guide in Arizona, Clint Hamblin has some tips and strategies for those of you headed out to the field after Thanksgiving this year.




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