40 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

Hunting And Judging Mule Deer W/ Marlon Holden Graylight Hunter

Title: How to Score Mule Deer on the Hoof


Show Notes:

Hunters hunted for meat forever, and so when you shot a big bodied animal, that’s why people wanted to know how big the animal you shot was. But now? That’s changed. Ears, antlers, body size: which one is more important to you as you hunt?


My good friend Marlon Holden, the Gray Light Hunter is discussing his technique for scoring mule deer on the hoof. When you go to Cabela’s, which animals do you look at? I personally prefer the trophies that are unique. Marlon tries to balance the kind of animals he actually sees while hunting with his desire to have a mule deer with interesting characteristics.


If you want to chase rutting deer, you can go from August to March if you switch between breeds and criss-cross the country. Moving from California to Florida means you’re going to need to learn the difference between the breeds and their quirks.  


Marlon loves mule deer with a single mindedness that I find funny. In some parts of the country, hunters are hot for javelina hunts or a very specific trophy they want to accrue. “Shoot whatever makes you happy. Don’t ever shoot for score,” advises Marlon.


Rifle season is coming up, so take advantage of my discount codes at some of my preferred vendors. And be sure to check out my new website where I make it even easier to book a hunt with me.


What’s Inside:

  • How Marlon figures out how big a deer really is.
  • Why regions and time of year will impact the size of a deer.
  • Marlon lays out how to score a desert deer.

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Short Description:

From a distance, mule deer always look bigger than they really are. How many times have you arrowed a deer and then got closer only to realize that it wasn’t as old or as big as you’d first imagined? Marlon Holden talks about his scoring strategy, plus other clues he looks for when sizing up a mule deer.



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