62 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

Episode 226 - Aaaaand It's Gone

Welcome back! This week we're talking about player disobedience- for better and for worse- and what the DM should do to keep things moving in the right direction. Come check it out! Question(s) discussed: 1. What do you think about players sidelining the story entirely and going off on something completely unrelated? As a DM, should I try to engage them in the story still? Should I create a new story? Or should I just let them do their thing? 2. Am I a jerk for canceling a session since players didn't read the rules? Dragon's Hoard Item: Seaglass Oil Contact us: InterPartyConflict@Gmail.com Visit our blog: www.interpartyconflict.com Find us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/InPartyConflict Or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/InterPartyConflict/ And join our Discord: http://bit.ly/interpartydiscord
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