72 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

Episode 211 - Now That's Psionics

Psionics. What even are psionics? How is it different from magic? How is it the same? How have psionics changed over the years? This week we're doing a deep dive into the magic alternative (and more), so come along and you just might learn something! Question(s) discussed: 1. What is the difference between magic and psionics? Dragon's Hoard Item: The Lasso of Doom Contact us: InterPartyConflict@Gmail.com Visit our blog: www.interpartyconflict.com  Find us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/InPartyConflict  Or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/InterPartyConflict/  And join our Discord: http://bit.ly/interpartydiscord
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