14 minutes | May 14, 2020

Ep 018 Virtual Training: Here's How to Step-Up Your Game

Most organizations are quickly coming around to the view that virtual training is a must-have — given its obvious benefits. You might be relatively new to it and find yourself doing more virtual because of the crisis times we’re living in. Or maybe you’re more experienced — but you’d love a quick primer on some fundamentals. Seasoned trainer Johnny Walker has just that — with a look at how virtual compares to in-person training and insights for how to do it well. Virtual training is still sometimes viewed as not as effective as in-person, classroom training. But the reality is in some ways it's even more personal, engaging and creates greater training retention. What to know if you're testing the waters of virtual training- and how to get clarity around the fundamentals to create learning environments that generate greater competence and confidence. We also explore with Johnny what leaders need to do, the role of the facilitator and some fundamentals for making virtual training succeed.
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