32 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

007: Big Data and the State of Auto Insurance with Carey Anne Nadeau

Today we welcome Carey Anne Nadeau, CEO of Ometry to the studio.  Today's episode turned into something different than what we've typically done.  Instead of diving into the insurance buying experience of our guest, we focus today on a singular topic.  While we start off discussing Ometry's mission, we then spend most of our time discussing Auto insurance.  Things like how Ometry is changing the way risk is measured, how we can use data to make routes safer, and how Auto insurance is due for a correction in how rates are determined. 01:30 - About Ometry05:42 - Key findings from Auto crash data12:31 - How crash and other telematics data can be used to improve Auto insurance18:53 - Solving the data access problem of Auto insurers29:08 - COVD-19's impact on the Auto insurance industry
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