32 minutes | Sep 6th 2020

002: The Best Insurance Fit with Maria Goy

There are hundreds of insurance companies out there to choose from. Even once you've narrowed down which one to work with, you next need to sift through the many coverage options they provide. It's like dinning at an all you can eat buffet… Do you need to fill up your plate to feel like you got your money's worth or is it okay just to choose a few things from the options to feel satisfied.Maria Goy, Co-founder and COO of Spot, joins me today to discuss their insurance buffet experience.  Maria shares how they partnered with an insurance broker that helped them cut through the noise and the value of buying an insurance program that met their startup's needs.On the same note, Spot's mission is to build a suite of personal insurance products that people want to buy, the way they want to buy it. They are providing a level of coverage that is not met with the all or nothing approach of today's health insurance market.We wrap up by exploring ways that the insurance buying process can be more productive (spoiler alert: there's a lot of paperwork) and how insurance companies can best position themselves to retain their customers long-term.
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