27 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

In the Hands of Jesus in Troublesome Times (Ken Osborn With Marvin Wray)

Missionaries have many professional faces — we are aid and development workers, educators, physicians, administrators, financial specialists, and more. But we all have something in common besides the fact that we are missionaries. We are laborers with the Holy Spirit, and we have a spiritual dimension to our lives and ministry.

 Today's interview is brought to you by Ken Osborn, who together with his wife, Ivanette Osborn, serves as a pastoral care provider to Adventist cross-cultural missionaries. 

 Ken interviews Marvin Wray — a pastor who lived out his calling his entire life. He currently ministers at the Chico SDA Church in Northern California. In the past, Marvin served for six years as a pastor and chaplain at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital.

Show Notes:
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