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095: Business Opportunity Out Of Obesity

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I'm with Emma. You're in Iloilo in the Philippines. And from your background, we've spoke. You're a registered nurse. Is that correct? Emma: "Yes, David." And you've worked in that field and you're venturing into a business where you're dealing with health, nutrition, supplements. Because, as you know, I've been visiting the Philippines for 30 years. And, have you been aware of what I've been seeing about the obesity that has been happening here in the last three decades? Emma: "Yes." David: Very much. And this is the symptom of the shopping malls that you have. The fast food and what is perceived as being "normal" is that young children today are overweight. This is a problem. What do you want to do about that? Emma: "So, here in Iloilo...I'm from Iloilo City. I think I can see that is the big...obesity now is the main problem here because all the, maybe because of the food!" David: The food... Emma: "Yeah. Fast food are now anywhere." David: It's rampant! Emma: "Rampant." David: Because in the old days this is a colonial town. You might have had one shopping mall, but people were eating... They'd go to the market. They'd buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat. They would go home and cook it. And my wife even said, "They never went out like they do now." So, you've decided to go into business and what's your business background? Emma: "Actually, I don't have business background. Just when I, after working outside that I decided to... because of..." David: Look into the camera! We're talking to the people here. You wanted to start your own business. Is that right? Emma: "Yeah, I started this business in 2010. And, as a nurse, rather than working in a hospital, I would say this is a... it's better (than) being, working in a hospital. So I would..." David: It's hard work, isn't it? Emma: "Yes. Hard work in a hospital. Working late, with the kids in my case. So, in this case, I'm working in my own business and then I can dedicate my time. David: Let's go straight to the point. Okay. Most people want to start their business or do something, or have their own initiative, correct? But being able to put all the pieces of what I say is a jigsaw puzzle together, it is not obvious. It is not something that people know how to do. You're probably very good at being a nurse, but now you're more than just a nurse or a helper. You have to understand business and structure and putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together. And, you can spend the rest of your life trying to figure out the pieces. Is that what you want to do, or would you rather somebody come in and see from the outside looking in exactly what needs to be done, with impartial eyes, and just to say objectively, "Emma, this is what you need to run your business. These are the parts that need to go together." And, quite often, if it's a people business, you have to understand how to take people through the process from being a suspect to a prospect and on to being a customer, and a repeat customer, and somebody that's a spokesperson for you. Is that what you're wanting? Emma: "Yes." David: And most people don't know how to do it. You know when you saw my website? Emma: "Yes, I saw your website..." David: You saw that after you met me. Because you kept on asking me, "David, what is it you do?" Remember? Emma: "Yeah." David: When people come to my website they might be under the impression I build websites. But you weren't sure. "What is it you do?" And I showed you. I gave you some of my advice, my consultation, my time. If you implemented those things that I hold you into your business, would that make a difference to the end result, the profitability, the success of this business? Would it make a difference? Emma: "Yes, of course, because.. My problem is that I know how to one-on-one, but you know, it takes time for me more [inaudible] how to work outside rather than because nowadays because of the internet. So that's why I asked, I heard, I know, I saw your video. But I know it can help in this line of business. So..." David: So... to finish up, because I don't want this to be a long video. What we do is automate wherever we can. I show you how to effectively use a language structure to take people through the process. How to take them through and answer their objections. Because sometimes you're so enclosed in what you do you're not looking at it from the perspective of the client or the potential client. You're looking at it from your perspective. And we walked through, and I said, as we were going through what you were do with myself, I was going through "disconnect", "disconnect", "disconnect". You were losing me along the way. Because you had two people you were dealing with. It was my wife and it was myself. And, do you know? I was the "bad cop"? Good cop, bad cop. She was that. And so... if you had in developing your business, somebody overseeing what you're doing here in this little café that you've got... online, and mirroring the two, showing you what's effective, how to get people coming through... making your life and your time more efficient. What are the savings worth in the long run? It's immense! Emma: "It's the time, of course." David: The time. And I told you that's the one thing that we have not got an abundant supply of, the time. So you have to work out, if you want work with me, do you want to go and figure this all out for yourself or do you want someone that can just go and implement? And, you know that I do backup support! I do trainings! Either a one-day training or a two-day training where I'm getting you to understand how to communicate, the psyche of the people, the resistance that you're going to get off your customers, and how to pitch it, how to present it so that the natural conclusion is, "I want that! That's something I need." And we'll talk about is a little later. But I did mention the word "community". You have got such an opportunity here because you really do not have any competition. If you understand, just like anybody in their own business, if you understand the mechanics, the tools that you're going to need. Everything that gets people to respond then you've got such a leading edge. That is what entrepreneurship is, and not just being an employee for life. Being an employee but having to be responsible to all other people. Thank you very much for the listening to us both. And... I wish you all the success! If we work together, you will notice a big difference. Thank you very much. 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