45 minutes | May 18, 2021

99 - Building Your Personal Board of Advisors w/ Michelle Koert

  This week on She Sells Radio with Elyse Archer, Elyse is talking with Michelle Koert, founder of P Corp, a lifestyle design program to thrive in all areas of life. Michelle has 26 years of leadership experience with IBM, Google, and running her own global concierge company. Today, she’ll share things beyond the surface--physical, emotional, and financial health.    Michelle hit burnout somewhere 10 years into her corporate career. She hit a wall and chose to take a sabbatical. She found there was a culture, across all of her corporate jobs, of ‘work, work, work.’ The responsibility falls on the individual to take the time they need, that’s where she comes in now. Michelle traveled the world experiencing a plethora of other cultures, and what she found was in direct contrast from what she was experiencing.    As women, Michelle notes, we don’t take the opportunity to ask. When she did, she found the results to be incredible. She believes that more companies are looking for a variety of experience and the ones Michelle had became invaluable--her communication style and her ability to connect with people on a deeper emotional, compassionate level. She found that her femininity returned to her work.    One thing that struck Michelle deeply on her sabbaticals was the sense of community. She was able to experience cultures where a woman would have a close group of lifelong friends that would be there for each other regardless of any circumstances. Michelle brought that philosophy back to Silicon Valley by creating a personal board of advisors. Replicating that tight-knit dynamic with a counsel results in a better work-life flow.    Michelle’s lifestyle design program, P Corp (which stands for Personal Corporation) does just that. It’s about how you want to live your life now. If you were on your deathbed, are you happy with the work you’re doing now? It’s a level of stepping back and being intentional, realizing that you don’t have to live in a hamster wheel if you don’t want to. We have an amazing opportunity right now--we have a clean slate. It’s about creating an environment that is nourishing and sustainable. How do you last the next 100 years in the place you are now? Sometimes it takes change, but now is the time to make them.    Email Michelle at michelle@pcorps.com to get a complementary discovery call and her Board of Advisors Deck to learn how to build your own with intention and direction.    LINKS   michelle@pcorps.com
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