53 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

96 - How to Deeping Your Spiritual Connection w/ Tracy Dimech


Today’s episode is especially important and equally personal. This week, Elyse is sitting down with Tracy Dimech, one of Australia’s most trusted and sought-after Psychic Mediums. As a mentor, author, healer, and spiritual teacher, she is dedicated to guiding others in embracing their authentic, spiritual self. She’s here to talk to us about how we can deepen our spiritual connection and incorporate it into the work we do.


Bringing spirituality into business seems like a difficult task--they’re two totally different things, right? Not necessarily. In fact, spirituality can become a superpower when you truly tap into it. Tracy grew up hating sales--it felt icky to her. The training she received worked, but it didn't’ align with how she felt. So, she shifted the way she did things--she started feeling her way through things instead of strategizing through them. After her diagnosis with MS and a history of mental illness, Tracy had a moment where she spoke to whoever was listening spiritually. She’s always had a strange connection to people, alive and deceased, but had never leaned on them for herself. In that moment, she noticed that she was surrendering herself to her spirituality. She knew the reason she was there was greater than her. Shortly after, she was informed that she, in fact, didn’t have MS. This was life altering, but gave her the clarity to simply post “Tracy Dimech, Psychic Medium. Now taking bookings.” The fear she felt now became an indicator telling her to do this. This was an opportunity to express faith, give back, understand where she was going, doing what she felt she needed to do. These are all new territories. She started to turn fear into faith. To have that faith, you have to surrender again. It’s a process of feeling fear, having faith, and surrendering. Then, the floodgates were opened. Clients flowed in, Tracy was able to regain her body, life, and spirituality. She had fallen into a place of alignment of her spirituality and professional space. But then, Tracy faced a different challenge--she found herself so invested in this work and due to undercharging people, ended up feeling sick again, clients stopped flowing, and things fell out of alignment. This was a sign to keep moving and make the changes needed before that happened. Undervaluing the energy she was spending was part of this problem. Once she brought her rates back to where she was able to serve not only her clients, but her quality of life, clients and income flowed naturally. There was a clear balance that had to be made. As Tracy puts it: A problem is only given to you if the universe knows you have an answer. In fact, when the pandemic hit in 2020, Tracy tripled her income. As fast as people would cancel bookings, people were filling them. You’re going to attract by feeling and living in a way that feels natural. In doing this, Tracy realized she needed to go to her clients and meet them where they are, and that manifested itself in a book. Writing this book was an act of service to share with others her journey. 


The key is to connect with your heart space, Tracy says. Our head is the ego that protects us and keeps us safe. What you want to do is get the voice out of the way first. Understand that you have a product or service that you know has value. Your head may insert conflicting ideas and questions and doubts. What you do then, is put your mind in your palm and place it over your heart. Your heart is a spokesperson for your spirit. Whatever it is you’re meant to learn, your spirit will tell you through your heart what it is. Your head, heart, and voice should all talk to each other, saying the same thing, and responding to feelings. The universe will always respond to what you’re feeling. When you start to tell yourself what you’re feeling, it can get distorted. 


If you’re speaking your truth, the universe will give you truth. If you’re feeling alone, you’ll only attract loneliness if you keep feeling alone. By not honoring that feeling and dealing with it, you’re allowing it to exist--every feeling falls under this principle. The first moment of surrender is acknowledging those feelings. 





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