35 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

91 - How Her New Business Earned 100k in 3 Months w/ Allison Lacoursiere


This week on She Sells Radio, Elyse is sitting down with Allison Lacoursiere, founder of Your Clear Aligner Coach. When the pandemic happened, she found herself without a job, wondering what would happen next. Allison used that opportunity to launch an incredible brand in a remarkably short amount of time. She’s going to share how did just that, and how she had the right inner mindset before the money came in. 


At 24, Allison was working in the dental industry, where she quickly climbed the ranks. She was new to management, which launched her into educating herself on how to provide her team with empowerment and inspiration. Naturally, she became interested in coaching. When her practice hired a dental coach for her, she saw massive growth in her professional life, learning years of knowledge in a short amount of time. Eliminating her imposter syndrome, feeling out of place as the youngest manager in her workplace, was a key factor in the growth she saw. Her coach allowed her to highlight her natural gifts and strengths for her company. With her skills and practices honed and curiosity for coaching piqued, Allison sought her certification in coaching and thought about the future, which manifested in the form of a coaching business. 


Allison’s 6-figure launch month is something to behold. She started taking on family members, pro-bono clients, and close friends. When the pandemic happened, Allison just needed the time to grow her businesses. That came in the form of being out of a job--but don’t worry, she celebrated with champagne and started her journey as a business owner. Throughout the process, her mindset had to remain positive. She didn’t know how she would make it happen, but she knew it was what she was designed to do. She had a feeling deep inside her that she would be fine. 


Making that amount of money in that short of time can sometimes feel uncomfortable, as strange as that may sound. It can be difficult to hold that vibration. Allison’s mindset was there before she even started the journey. Every morning she meditated on that mentality, so when it did happen, it almost wasn’t a surprise--she had already felt that feeling. The biggest hurdle she faced was understanding that she was capable of giving back to the client what they are giving her. She knew she could sell, it’s about believing you’re worthy of the benefits. As she leveled up, she leveled up her support system. That meant waking up, working out, meditating, and manifesting abundance through routine and coaching. Additionally, the ability to shift her mindset around her value not being attached to what her client created from her coaching. Her value is rooted in being true to her best self. She had to redefine what success was. 


Allison noticed that the women she coaches often feel like they aren’t doing enough--this can be a result of not taking account of real benchmarks that they’re achieving. It starts with an incredible onboarding for your client. They need to feel like they are getting success quickly and would be taken care of. Reverse engineering the client experience is a crucial practice that can lay a strong foundation for your relationships. You want to build confidence in yourself that you will be able to fulfill what your client wants and set aside moments to connect. 


Allison talks about setting healthy boundaries, making sure you’re making space for the good, and more in this week’s episode. Tune in to hear her top tips for women looking to see exponential growth in their business. 







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