34 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

109 - Building Resilience with Jesse Todisco

When I first met today’s guest, I immediately felt a connection. After learning more about him, his experiences, and his philosophies, I knew why. He is the male version of me in so many ways. I was blown away instantly by his story and his openness in sharing the truth about hardships he’s been through on his journey. I wanted to bring him on She Sells Radio today because one of the things I tell my clients often is that when you decide to go for the quantum leap, there are challenges that will come up to help shape you to have the life you want.   In today’s episode, Jesse openly shares about his past and the paths he started on. Through building resilience, Jesse changed his trajectory. When you hear his story, you’ll wonder how he made it through parts of it, but you’ll also learn how he has used the challenges to shape what he does now. It is so inspiring and a true example of resilience.   Jesse Todisco is the founder of 46 and 2 Wealth Partners in Atlanta. He’s been featured on major media platforms like NBC, CBS, Fox, and Yahoo Finance. He is also the host of the Jesse Tee Show, a podcast where he has shared his story in more detail and interviews amazing and inspirational guests. Listen on today for his philosophy and how you can use your own personal challenges to lead you to where you want to be.   Show Notes: [2:47] - Welcome to the show, Jesse! [3:58] - Jesse shares his background and childhood having experienced many different traumas including drug addiction and losing his infant daughter. [6:08] - Jesse reflects on feelings from his childhood that he wasn’t wanted. He knows that his own sons will not ever feel that way. [7:37] - Struggles and trauma can be generational, but Jesse and Elyse have worked hard to heal the generational trauma. [8:26] - “When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear.” This is a quote that has heavily impacted Jesse. [9:47] - When people go back to gratitude, everything is put into perspective. [11:07] - Elyse shares an experience that made her realize the importance of her son needing her. The money wasn’t worth being away from him. [13:22] - Starting in a place of scarcity, Jesse shares how he was successful in his first business and blew the money. That experience led him to seek out mentors to help teach him a positive money mindset. [14:40] - Jesse explains that his drive is always freedom. [15:30] - After experiencing sales scripts that didn’t align with him, Jesse was inspired to do things his own way and start his own business.  [17:30] - How did Jesse get to the point of running his own conscious awakening business and bringing in the right people? [19:00] - Sharing his vulnerability has been a key to attracting the right people. [20:28] - Admittedly, it was very scary for Jesse and Elyse to share their background out of fear of judgment. But through sharing their journey, they’ve attracted their tribe. [22:08] - Jesse started his podcast to interview people to share their story. At about episode 29, Jesse decided to share his own story. It was very liberating. [24:39] - Check in with yourself through the best way of meditating for you. Jesse explains that it doesn’t have to be complicated. [25:55] - Giving things space, time, and introspection makes them look different. Always check in with yourself. [28:21] - Give yourself some grace because this work can be uncomfortable. [30:00] - Jesse is the host of the Jesse Tee Show. [31:20] - If you love yourself and give yourself grace, you can do so much to make yourself feel better.   Connect with Jesse: The Jesse Tee Show @jesse_tee Link Tree LinkedIn  |  Instagram  |  Facebook   Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page
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