42 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

108 - How to Close More Sales

Through a challenge that I just hosted on social media last week, I learned the areas that participants were struggling with the most. So, I’m taking the cues from them to talk about closing sales. This episode is a combination of mindset tips and tactical strategies that go hand in hand. After years of studying, learning from mentors, and polishing my skills, I can confidently say that I went from dreading this part of a sale to absolutely loving it. This episode is full of things you’ll want to write down because they could literally change everything about how you do business. You’ll begin to understand how money works energetically and how your scarcity mindset could be harming your ability to sell. You’ll also learn what closing really is and how truly listening to prospects gives you the opportunity to break them free from indecision. Like your services, programs, and products are a must for your clients, this episode is a must for sales professionals.   Show Notes: [1:45] - Lead generation and closing were the two areas that women struggled with the most during a challenge Elyse ran last week. [2:56] - Elyse admits that she used to dread closing but after years of working on it, it is her favorite. [3:45] - If you have issues with closing, you probably feel like you can’t care about the buyer’s best interest and close the sale at the same time. [4:50] - Selling isn’t something you do to someone but something to do for someone. [5:59] - 93% of communication is non-verbal. Elyse explains how people pick up on your energy. [7:06] - It is critically important to have an abundance mindset. [8:36] - Elyse briefly shares the story of a woman in her 10k Club bringing in over $200k in 90 days after understanding energy and money. [9:44] - Money can come in from multiple channels which gives you the comfort to focus on what not how. [11:02] - Elyse explains how she goes about sales now and how she views the sales process. [12:06] - “It’s not a matter of if someone becomes my client, it’s a matter of when.” [13:25] - Elyse supports the sales tactic of simply being in the moment and knowing when it is not the right time for potential clients. [14:53] - Reflecting back to a previous episode, Elyse tells a story that illustrates the right mindset and energy for going into closing a sale. [16:55] - Understand what closing actually is. Help someone come to a decision in favor of their highest good. That may be a yes and it may be a no. [18:16] - You also need to be good at making decisions in order to help others break the habit of indecision. [19:36] - No one is buying things because they want to stay where they are. [21:06] - Another tactical piece that Elyse shares is to truly listen to clients. Is your energy to make someone buy? [22:16] - Take a step back and determine if the client is right for you, too. Taking all clients means that you are in a scarcity mindset. [23:22] - Feel empowered to really say what you’re thinking on a sales call. [25:16] - Elyse admits she used to take a lot of BS from prospects but she doesn’t do that now. [25:54] - Begin with the end in mind. [27:17] - Set the expectations at the beginning of a call for what the next steps are and the purpose of every conversation. [28:25] - If you set up a proposal, book another meeting to go over it. You will lose control of the sale if you don’t. [30:03] - Elyse demonstrates how she likes to close the sale. She determines if it is a “must” for the prospect before she closes. If it is a must, they will find the money. [31:51] - Give a prospect a scale of 1 to 10 to help determine if it is a must. This should be done before giving the price. [33:15] - Elyse's favorite tip is to help people find the money to work with you. [34:43] - Elyse keeps a list of ways clients could find money. People have resources but they sometimes act like they don’t. [36:08] - You’ve got to make your own money rules. Elyse shares some things she is okay with but that clients might not think about for themselves. [37:49] - This can be a sticky area because people will feel uncomfortable talking about money. You have to have very clear energy. [40:01] - Send Elyse a DM to receive training on five sales scripts to help you close more sales. Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page
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