41 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

106 - My Top 7 Sales and Marketing Secrets

Let’s change things up today with a solo episode on more of the tactical side of sales and marketing. I used to go into corporations and teach the tactical stuff but usually speak about mindset and energy more on She Sells Radio Podcast. What I have found through years of mistakes and success is that you need both. At the end of the day, you can have the right mindset but if you don’t take the right actions or ineffective actions towards your goal, it’s going to be challenging to get the results you want. So today, I’m giving you the opportunity to shorten your learning curve by providing my Top 7 Sales and Marketing Secrets. Just like with anything you do, take what works for you and run with it. Customize these strategies to fit you and your business. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t get stuck and most importantly, don’t put yourself in the box of what others think you should do to be successful.   Show Notes: [2:12] - Mindset and energy are crucial, but so are the actions you take towards your goals. [3:42] - Take what works for you from this episode. Customize these strategies to fit you and take yourself out of the box. [5:24] - You can sign up for the Skyrocket Your Sales challenge by clicking HERE. [5:56] - The first and most challenging secret is Focus. Studies show that when you try to multitask, your IQ drops. [7:07] - It is when I am focused on one thing at a time, you will feel more accomplished. [9:21] - Elyse shares a story about Richard Branson saying no to an opportunity because it didn’t align with his priorities. [10:23] - An action step to increase focus is to turn off the notifications on your phone. [11:49] - The second secret is to schedule your revenue-producing activities. [12:14] - Prospecting and sales activity is what we tend to procrastinate. [13:29] - Elyse shares what she does every morning that is scheduled in her calendar. This is something that she is committed to doing daily to generate leads. [15:01] - Scheduling everything gives you an idea of how long tasks take and what you have the bandwidth to say yes to. [15:25] - The third secret is to delegate anything and everything you possibly can. [16:31] - Elyse explains how to determine what to delegate using simple math. [17:24] - Keep a “Who else can do this?” list. [18:35] - Every month, go to that list and see what someone else can do that month. [19:05] - Secret number 4 is to schedule your daily learning. [20:18] - Create a curriculum for yourself. Determine your goals and what you need to learn to accomplish them. [21:41] - Whether you are working with a coach or not, set your pace and keep learning. [22:06] - Secret 5 is to really leverage the power of visualization. [23:38] - Elyse admits that she used to be a negative visualizer. [24:18] - Spending time visualizing what you want to create each day gives your subconscious brain permission to make it happen. [25:53] - The 6th secret is to build your personal brand. [27:01] - If you are in sales or sales leadership in a corporation, personal brand is also extremely important. [28:35] - Think about where your prospects are and build your brand there. [30:54] - When Elyse did more tactical sales training, one of the biggest mistakes teams were making was to “follow up” with prospects. Add value instead. [32:21] - You need to have something that establishes yourself at an even level with your prospects. [33:04] - The final secret is to view closing as a service. It is helpful and important to people. [34:21] - It is a disservice to not help a client when you know you can and you empathize with the problem you can solve. [36:16] - Get out of your own way and be willing to also tell someone if it isn’t the right fit for them. [37:02] - At the end of the day, sales is just helping people get what they want. Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page
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