38 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

102 - Shestainability with Rita Hausken

I love bringing amazing guests onto She Sells Radio and today I am able to bring someone on who is creating amazing change in the world with her business and brand. Rita Hausken is an unshakable optimist and truly believes that nothing is impossible. In this episode, she shares her inspiring story and how her son’s rare genetic disorder changed her mindset, her drive, and her entire life.   Rita is a strategist and leadership coach who has supported hundreds of women to take their seat at the table and speak confidently so their ideas and visions are heard. She comes from a male-dominated industry and through her experiences has realized that the biggest challenge wasn’t the industry, but rather the masculine culture. Rita has since left the energy industry and is the founder of Shestainability through which she coaches other women to truly go after what they want, balance their energies, and work in a healthy and meaningful way that ignites their sense of purpose.   I was brought to tears while listening to Rita’s amazing story. Through her tenacity, drive, and love for her son Benjamin, Rita has created something that is not only changing lives, but saving them. Use this example today of what could happen when you don’t take no for an answer and believe in yourself.   Show Notes: [2:11] - A background in male dominated industries can make women feel very rigid. Elyse admires Rita’s allowance of flow. [3:03] - Rita comes to us from Norway. [4:05] - It wasn’t the challenge of it being a male dominated industry, but a masculine culture. [5:15] - Even with Rita’s son having special needs, she found herself throwing herself too much into work. Rita describes her son’s needs. [6:50] - When told that Rita needed to quit her job and stay home with her son, she went through grief and discovered that she was letting someone else’s limiting beliefs affect her own. [7:34] - “Although I could not help Benjamin live a long life, I could help him live a good life.” - Rita Hausken [8:55] - Rita shares something her mother said that impacted her and combined with her love for Benjamin, she had a profound shift of mindset. [10:31] - Rita then began to work internationally and reached out to others with the same disorder. Gradually, the right people started showing up in her life. [11:19] - A doctor told her that he believed eventually there would be therapy for people with the same disorder but it would take longer than Benjamin’s lifespan. [13:42] - Elyse and Rita discuss tenacity in spite of what doctors were telling her. [15:09] - At a time when Benjamin needed it most, therapy and help was too expensive. Rita shares what happened and she did not give up. [16:22] - Rita pushed and Benjamin received treatment. He is now 26 years old. [18:04] - Instead of accepting the doctor’s claim that Benjamin would die in 2010, Rita decided to ask questions instead. [19:22] - Rita encourages everyone to always ask your questions and never to assume you will sound stupid. [20:23] - Rita began Shestainability to help other women bring their “crazy ideas” to the table because hers saved lives. [22:10] - Shestainability came out of the idea of using both the masculine and feminine energies to create sustainability. [23:50] - Once you have self-awareness, now the creativity shows up and you are in your zone of genius. [25:10] - Elyse describes some of the limiting beliefs a lot of women have when coming from a masculine energy background. [26:46] - Rita shares about her trouble with the word “busy” and thinking about her creation of a mastermind as carrying a child. [28:01] - There is a cycle for everyone and you will show up in your masculine or feminine energy. [29:16] - Oftentimes, when we are in our feminine energy, we try to lean back into the masculine energy to be more productive. But what happens when you lean into the feminine energy? [32:23] - Rita’s social media of choice to get in touch with her on LinkedIn. You can also connect with her on her website linked below. [33:17] - Rita shares how a man in India has reached out to her and it illustrates the importance of connecting with others. [34:41] - Lean in and identify what you know about yourself to be true.  Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page   Connect with Rita: RitaHausken.com Shestainability Website RIta Hausken on LinkedIn  
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