70 minutes | Aug 8, 2021

Episode 09 - Susan Story

My next guest has been living with, and more accurately, thriving with a terminal cancer diagnosis since 2002. In this episode, we'll discuss the numerous and creative ways she refuses to let the diagnosis kill her. And then, she will share what cancer has taught her and what kinds of inventive ways she expresses herself as a result.I first met my guest in 2011 when she donned a Wonder Woman outfit and marched in a Seattle area parade to promote a non-profit organization that raised funds for bucket wishes for children dealing with cancer.Since then, she's written articles for her blog, jumped out of airplanes 40 times, even after she broke her back in a skydiving accident, climbed nearly every peak in Washington State and now, she swims in the frigid waters of the Puget Sound.I'd like to introduce Susan Story to InSpiris Audio Magazine.Susan's website: https://lovesusanstory.godaddysites.comConsider subscribing to the podcast at InSpiris-podcast.com.Music: Leland HirschmanIntro narration: MacKenzie Webster
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