39 minutes | Dec 18, 2018

Nicky Mih Opens Up About Her Experience Preventing Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

Eye-opening is the only way I can describe today’s episode. Nicky Mih, Managing Director of sex trafficking prevention organisation Free to Shine, holds nothing back as she takes us deep into her world working with vulnerable young girls in Cambodia. Nicky shares intimate details about her experience working to protect girls who are most at risk to sex trafficking. She helps us get a feel for the dangers these girls and their families live every day, sharing stories that will give you a new found perspective on your life. Nicky tells us about 8-year-old Kin and her Grandmother, who lived outside on a wooden bed, with only a black sheet of plastic wrapped around a tree providing some form of shelter. She talks about how this story inspired her to start building homes for these families. Today, Free to Shine has built a total of 19 homes. Nicky explains that to keep vulnerable girls safe, they need to be in school. She tells us about how the girls sometimes struggle to stay in school, with hunger and thirst often forcing them to leave in search of food and clean water. Nicky also talks about the importance of giving back, in life and through business, before you’re ready. She encourages listeners to do what’s right and do what matters, and the rest will take care of itself. I think you’ll find this episode incredibly moving and inspiring. What you will discover in this episode: The incredible work Nicky does in Cambodia with her organisation Free to Shine. Nicky taking us back to the dark past of Cambodia where all educated people were murdered. The incredible story of 8-year-old Kin and her Grandmother. The one thing trafficking survivors told Nicky they want the most. The heartbreaking story of the young Cambodian girl named Cina. The inspirational story of Grade 6 student Nette, who began teaching Grade 3 students so more girls would stay in school. The unique, immersive ‘choose your own adventure’ experience partners receive when they visit Camobia. Resources: ‘Do What Matters’ by Nicky Mih Free to Shine Impact Reports Connect with Nicky: Free to Shine Website Free to Shine on Facebook Nicky’s Website Nicky’s LinkedIn Nicky’s Email Address Are you enjoying the podcast? Listen to the episode here and leave us a review: Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes to be notified when new episodes are released. Episode show notes proudly produced by Content Jet.The post Nicky Mih Opens Up About Her Experience Preventing Sex Trafficking in Cambodia appeared first on Inspire CA - Family Small Business Accountants Brisbane.
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