26 minutes | Aug 21st 2020

Jazz Singing | LIVE STORIES mit Heidi Krenn

Jazz Singer and Vocal Coach Heidi Krenn helps passionate students who are serious about learning the art of great singing. She gives singers the vocal freedom and confidence to amaze audiences and move their hearts.

Holding two master’s degrees (in jazz singing and jazz composition) and over two decades of performing and teaching worldwide, Heidi is a sought after expert in her field.

It is her mission to empower singers of all levels and backgrounds to develop the skills needed to freely express all that is alive within without letting poor vocal technique or lack of musicianship get in the way.

Jazz and improvisation hold a very special place in her heart, and she sees it as her calling to share and teach this music, thus keeping the spirit of jazz alive.

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👉 https://www.heidikrenn.com

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👉 https://youtu.be/z3T6X3yYnqM

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