43 minutes | Feb 19th 2020

070 The Allure of Distraction

Do you have an attraction to distraction? What is the role of entertainment in your life? How are you spending your free time? Billions of dollars are being spent just to get your attention! But not all distractions are evil… in fact some distractions that bring you laughter are even recommended for your Health Palace! Discover the redeeming values for you and your distractions. What can be eliminated, and what can be celebrated?! “I promise you’ll have more fun doing vs. watching!” By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about: Distractions!Your two value wordsHow you are spending your free timeThe redeeming values within your distractions The criteria we use to disconnectThe value of personal contact vs. virtual contactThe role of entertainment in your lifeThe benefits of laughter for your Health Palace Thought Quotes: “Water people need to disconnect. So that’s why I’m saying sitting on the couch and being a couch potato is not always bad!” “Why is entertainment there and what parts of it are positive? What parts can help you to pursue growth and being your authentic self. And what part of entertainment is a distraction that’s preventing you from growth and being your authentic self?” “There are laughter groups that are part of healing communities. You know some people get together and call it laugh clubs.” Links in this Episode: Time Management EpisodeDare To Lead list of valuesThe movie “Parasite”The movie “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”Laughter clubs – there are more than 6000 clubs worldwide!Laughter Yoga UniversityLaughter Yoga InstituteHow to Practice Laughter YogaLaugh with Kathleen Madigan Email your questions and voice memos to Questions AT InspiredActionPodcast.com. Get some very Inspiring Meditations on The Inspired Action Podcast App (available in iTunes store and Google Play). Sign up for the Premium Content HERE Download the book for Free! To get your free PDF copy of Connecting Your Circle: Get Our Book For Free #InspiredActionPodcast Join Our Facebook Group Click here to join our Facebook group for additional content or to send us a question. Join Our Inner Circle If you would like to join our email newsletter list, click below. (We will never sell or misuse your email in any way, it is safe.) (function() { window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { listeners: [], forms: { on: function(evt, cb) { window.mc4wp.listeners.push( { event : evt, callback: cb } ); } } } })(); First Name Email address: Leave this field empty if you're human: The post 070 The Allure of Distraction appeared first on Inspired Action Podcast.
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