26 minutes | May 20, 2020

Mastering the Mind. Gina Mollicone-Long & Jonah Oliver

Gina Mollicone-LongThis is a wrap-up of the original podcast that featured Gina Mollicone-Long, NLP guru, motivational speaker and world-renowned author.Gina’s Highlights0:20 What is NLP?1:10 How you do anything is how you do everything1:30 The will to win2:35 Difference between conscious and unconscious mind5:50 Timeline therapy7:50 Reticular Activating System9:50 Power of choice and cause of effectNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)It is the study of success and how to replicate thisHow you do anything is how you do everythingIs a pattern behaviour; by understanding how you go things successfully, you can then replicate that success.The will to winThe will to win is a real defining factor across sports and life of those that go on to achieve great things or don’t. Difference between conscious and unconscious mindUnconscious brain is your goal setter and your unconscious brain is your goal getter.Shaun has spent a lot of time building rapport between both the unconscious brain and the unconscious to ensure that heTimeline therapyIt is the idea that the process of time in linear from the present to future. If you run yourself to a time in the future, at a moment that has not happened yet, and feel proud that you achieved what you did and were successful then it can help alleviate your fears and succeed. E.g. Public speaking.Reticular Activating SystemWhere you can only see what you are looking for. When your mind has become conscious of seeing something E.g. Looking for a new car and then that is all you see. If you prime your brain towards something, then that is what you see; similar to that of a quote by Tony Robbins, “where your focus goes, your energy flows”. Power of Choice and Cause of EffectYour situation is the result of every decision you have made, whether good or bad. The flip side of that is when you see yourself as a victim of your own choices. One thought process is owning it and the other is being a victim. It comes down to the power of choice and owning that choice. Jonah OliverThis is a wrap-up of the original podcast that featured Jonah Oliver, performance psychologist to The Essendon Football Club, Brisbane Roar A-League, Tennis Australia, The Queensland Institute of Sport and Golf Australia. Jonah’s Highlights13:30 Normalising anxiety and stress 15:15 Being comfortable with discomfort18:40 Values based decision making20:45 Mindfulness22:00 Recovery23:00 Fitness Normalising anxiety and stress Anxiety and stress are normal reactions and it doesn’t have to be labelled always as a negative thing; it is a sign that you are focusing on the wrong things or right things. There are tools and techniques to diffuse anxiety. By labelling it, it takes the power away from it.Being comfortable with discomfortIf the discomfort is the service of something meaningful, you can move past the discomfort.Similar to that of Justin Langer’s quote “the pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment”.Values based decision makingGoals should be linked to your values not the outcome. Being true and very clear about what you value will make you more likely to achieve the outcome.  MindfulnessMindfulness is simply about slowing the brain down and narrowing center of focus.   Proven to increase IQ, stress response, less anxiety Reference to “Tools of titans” by Tim Ferriss RecoveryTaking time to recover to enable yourself to become better. FitnessThe positive impact of fitness can be across many facets including physical health, mental health, sleep and more; all of these benefits are enable you to become your best self.
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