36 minutes | Nov 14, 2019

Why is Australia so good at international education & international recruitment?

We kick off season 2 of our podcast with a trip Down Under to understand why Australia is just so good when it comes to international education and international student recruitment - there is a lot of learning to be had in this episode!   Our guest and source of knowledge on all things Australian higher ed is Mark Pettitt - a regular speaker at education conferences and the founder of the consultancy Edified.    Mark offers us an overview of the Australian scene, brings plenty of stats to highlight what a good job they're doing when it comes to international education and we discuss what challenges might be on the horizon.   Find Mark on LinkedIn and learn more about Edified on their website.   Inspiration in TAP is hosted by Dave Musson and is brought to you by The Access Platform, a peer recruitment tool that enables universities to connect their Student Ambassadors with prospective students wherever they are in the world. Find out more on our website or come and say hi on Twitter.
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