54 minutes | Dec 12, 2019

Making student recruitment personal, emotional & meaningful, with Jonny Williams

Does your student recruitment content have heart? Is it personalised to your target audience? Is it meaningful? Are you using emotion effectively? Are you creating something that helps your audience or are you just adding to the noise?   Our guest this week will help you make something great. Jonny Williams is a rising star in the higher ed content scene and can regularly be found on the conference circuit speaking from the heart, with enthusiasm, passion and, well, great content!    In this episode, we sat down with Jonny to discuss those key points – personalisation, meaningful content and emotion. They are Jonny’s passions and he has plenty of ideas about you can bring more of all three elements into your student recruitment campaign planning.   Find Jonny on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.   Inspiration in TAP is hosted by Dave Musson and is brought to you by The Access Platform, a peer recruitment tool that enables universities to connect their Student Ambassadors with prospective students wherever they are in the world. Find out more on our website or come and say hi on Twitter.
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