68 minutes | Nov 28, 2019

In conversation with Staffordshire University's Student Ambassadors

The student communications ambassador scheme at Staffordshire University in the UK is one of the best around. Their ambassadors create amazing vlogs, host live streams and awards ceremonies and generally do wonderful stuff. Their content is cool, compelling and has serious cut through, and is a clear pointer to the value of working with student ambassadors to power your peer recruitment efforts.   In this episode, we’re going to learn more about Staffordshire’s student communications ambassador scheme, with the help of Staffs' Digital Communications Manager Laura Allen. Not only that, we’re also going to hear from a trio of those ambassadors - Hayley, Nom and Maxie - to understand what skills they’ve built up, what sort of things they’ve worked on and, simply, why they do it.   Check out Staffordshire University's student vlogs playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvIR_x7A7kk&list=PLkHj6Jg646IXpbFeQe9BJpDeLxGM_akfc   Find Laura Allen on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.   Inspiration in TAP is hosted by Dave Musson and is brought to you by The Access Platform, a peer recruitment tool that enables universities to connect their Student Ambassadors with prospective students wherever they are in the world. Find out more on our website or come and say hi on Twitter.
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