11 minutes | Jan 17th 2021

Why goals matter

Have you ever thought why goals matter for your growth?Goals will without a doubt create more clarity in your life. They will help you focus on what you want and lead you to change.Whether we like it or not we are actually always setting goal. Whether we want to travel or whether we are planning our day we are setting goals.This is not what this episode is all about. Join me in this episode and discover how you can better understand yourself with the use of goals.0:08 Intro0:38 Why do goals matter1:26 When can you set your goals?2:09 Goals guide us through life with clarity3:28 Goals reveal your character4:18 Goals will bring up emotions and fears4:42 Growth mindset5:03 What kind of beliefs do I have about my goals?5:23 Two keys to your succeed with your goals: Boundaries and Accountability5:40 Self-worth6:27 Locus of control7:08 Cause and Effect7:20 Create some new causes7:43 Create goals form a space of love, flexibility and acceptance8:17 Deep down we remain the same8:59 Life is a raging bull9:19 Create life or life will create you9:40 Goals homework10:11 Outro
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