12 minutes | Oct 24th 2020

When things don't go according to plan

Making plans is part of our human nature, whether we are into productivity skills or not. We make plans. Plans that we hope will work out. When they don’t we get trapped in our ego. We begin to get tormented by our own expectations, by our own thoughts and emotions.The problem arises from our expectations and how we think that everything will work out in our way. This is true even from the most pessimistic people amongst us.When we have this skewed idea that things will either work or not work we enter the black and white thinking. The kind of thinking that keeps our emotional brain engaged and keeps us from moving forward.The process of changing our attitude and perspective starts with understanding what is going on. It starts with noticing the shades of grey.Join me in this episode and learn what you can do to move past the rut and into your power.00:06 Intro00:33 Welcome00:46 Simon Sinek quote01:09 My week and how I came up with this story01:36 Perfectionistic view of the present02:04 Black and white thinking02:11 Start to reflect02:17 Why is reflection so important02:40 Change meaning and attitude02:55 1. Acknowledge it03:52 Is this realistic or Perfectionistic04:25 2. Accept it05:47 3. Learn from it07:05 4. Be grateful07:19 5. How do we get out of this?07:39 Summary08:40 Be understanding and compassionate09:07 Everything in life is an opportunity to learn09:51 Take a step back and see things from afar10:18 Start riding the waves of life10:35 Michael Jordan Quote10:44 Outro
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