17 minutes | Jun 18th 2020

What you will discover by practicing mindfulness?

In this episode, we will go over some of the questions that arise when we want to practice being present.We will cover one of the obstacles that we face whenever we want to make any kind of change.  That obstacle is the ego, the rebel inside every single one of us.Instead of picking a fight, we will learn to allow our ego to revolt while we stay grounded.  Notice the rebel come and go.  By allowing ourselves to rebel without rebelling we remove the influence of the ego.The key is to observe what happens within, and to continue acting as we intended.  That way our brain gets mixed messages.  We scramble the rebel while allowing it to express itself but not allowing it to stop us from progressing.Rebellion is not an enemy, it is an ally.  The friction that gets created is a stepping stone to our progress.  Without it we can't move forward.The fact that we think and feel doesn't mean we have to obey.  This is how we slowly begin to understand that we are not our thoughts nor emotions.  A fundamental key to mindfulness.  Emotions and thoughts are transient, they come and go.It's like observing cars passing outside of your window.  We are in the house, watching cars passing by.  Our fallacy is that we tend to believe we are the cars.Next time you want to meditate and you meet the rebel within you, say "Hi" from me, then act as quickly as you can.00:08 Intro01:01 How long should we meditate01:24 Consistency is key03:32 Use a timer04:56 What will you discover by practising mindfulness?05:00 Ego the Rebel06:05 Stop discussing it, get on with meditating07:03 Rebellion while meditating07:41 Drifting mind08:30 Muddy waters metaphor10:03 Build awareness in the present moment11:09 4 steps and awareness12:14 Managing your internal dialogue12:47 Conclusion13:21 Spider web analogy14:41 Allow yourself to rebel freely16:01 Be present16:09 Outro
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