18 minutes | Sep 12th 2020

Two steps forward, one step backwards

Do you find yourself starting and stopping? Does it feel like you are chasing you tail? Do you feel that every time you have some progress you end up where you started?In this episode you will learn:How to break the cycle of starting overWhat to do when you fail in your effort to changeHow to use your failure as fuel to your progressHow your compass of why and where can help you start over fasterYou can now find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify andGoogle Podcast0:25 In this episode0:38 Intro0:52 What it takes to move forward1:20 Stop chasing your tail and moving in circles1:43 Learn to break the cycle by starting2:44 Are you demoralising yourself when you fail?3:01 Learn to be consistent and positive even in failure3:11 Get back on the bike5:28 Break and create consistency6:10 Change comes with resistance6:50 Replace old behaviours with new ones7:16 What is your why? Why are you moving forward and why are you stopping?7:50 Pain and fear can be a motivator or a deterrent8:11 What are your obstacles?10:21 Life isn’t perfect (Perfectionism)11:03 Positive self talk11:24 Avoid focusing on the drawbacks too much11:46 Focus on where you are heading and your progress12:42 Use your self-talk to your advantage and benefit12:48 What do babies and learning how to walk have to do with your growth?13:34 Don’t focus on the falling, focus on the walking!13:43 Admire your progress because without the forward you would have made it through14:13 Learn to be content with where you are14:56 In summary16:15 Keep pushing forward16:45 This too shall pass17:15 Churchill quote17:48 Sign off
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