19 minutes | Aug 28th 2020

This is why it is important to keep a healthy mind and a healthy body

Do you remember the last time you were watching a movie? An action movie, or a horror movies. The music leads you into deeper into the scene. Heightening your attention, the scenes begin to change swiftly. You are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting. Your heart begins to race. Your breathing changes, it becomes more rapid. You are tensing your muscles.Then suddenly…Have you ever noticed what happens to your body and your mind when you watch a movie?Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are affecting our body and our well-being all the time. The mind-body connection a 100% real. We often hear about the mind-body connection in psychosomatic illnesses. But does it all have to be dark and gloomy?Is there any benefit to the mind-body connection? Is there anything you can do to benefit your well-being? Can we actually get better quicker by using the mind?Listen and find out how to use your body and your mind to your benefit.You can now find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify andGoogle Podcast00:10 Intro00:27 Healthy Mind, Healthy Body00:34 The link between the mind and the body00:56 What is the mind body connection?01:10 Mind and body is a two way street01:24 Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are affecting our body02:09 Why is the mind body connection important?02:16 Increase your awareness in our emotions and thoughts03:03 We can use body to relax the mind and mind to relax the body03:32 How we experience emotions and thoughts in our body04:26 Having awareness of our own tensions05:44 How can the mind-body affect our life in a negative way?07:56 Stress affects our entire body09:33 How can we benefit from the mind-body connection09:49 Learn to relax your body11:24 Breathing affects our heart and cardiovascular activity11:51 When we relax we go to rest and digest, healing takes place12:45 Find the space to call home14:53 In Conclusion15:34 What other healthy ways can you find to change the way you feel - when you need to17:15 Be firm, alert and aware17:41 Doing the things that put us in balance18:03 Don't expect to be in balance to get in balance, do the things and you ll get balance18:48 Nietzsche Quote19:10 Outro
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