10 minutes | Oct 10th 2020

Self-help or get help?

Do you find yourself consuming self-help materials but never getting to achieve any change in your life? Then this episode is for you!In this episode we are going to talk about:Why self-help appears to be useful but most often isn't.When and how self-help can help youThe trap to avoid when consuming self-helpHow the ego tricks you in believing you are progressingThe benefits of getting helpWhat are some solid foundations of healing, changing and growingListen to the episode (10 min)This is the first episode of season 2! The intention for this season it to have short actionable episodes that give more value to you while they take less of your time.0:08 Intro1:32 Self-help appears to be useful1:38 When did self-help books help me2:04 Fallacies of self-help books2:07 Getting lost in the knowledge2:36 How can you apply this knowledge?3:29 Pride of the ego4:02 Most successful have coaches, mentors4:29 What are the benefits of getting help?4:49 3rd Perspective5:44 Accountable6:12 Lean against your weak spots6:54 Through friction and pain we get growth7:06 Going to the dentist7:16 Reddit story7:38 Solid foundations of change, healing and growing7:52 Be responsible8:12 Good old work8:34 Self-help is first aid, getting help is open heart surgery8:54 In this episode we talked about?9:05 Zig Ziglar Quote9:28 Outro
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