11 minutes | Dec 16th 2020

Perspective - It depends how you look at it

Have you ever wondered how you look at things? How these things that you look at actually make you behave in a certain way?In this episode we will talk about perspective. What it is and how it affects the way that we live.Perspective is malleable it is a choice, more often than not an unconscious one that drives our life.Listen to this episode and discover the one question that can help shift things around for you.0:06 Intro1:31 Wayne Dyer quote1:37 Windsurfing2:43 What is perspective3:14 We have to change our perspective3:41 Logic in perspective4:57 Skewed and adjusting perspectives5:42 Let go of perspective6:00 How else could I see this?6:36 Allow a new reality to take place7:18 The reason this works8:16 Anais Quote9:04 In conclusion, become more aware of the narratives9:20 Why am I telling you this again?10:09 As Marcus Aurelius said10:28 Outro
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