10 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

Nothing like the now

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to spend time with my family. In one of those moments a thought came to my mind that changes how I look at life.Join me in this episode to find out why being present in life is important for you.0:07 Intro1:20 Life will never be the same again2:00 The eternal now2:23 What happens when we are present2:59 Focus3:53 Take hold of your focus4:07 Process of thought and fleeting mind4:32 The mind is like water4:46 Mindfulness5:18 How can I be present?6:03 Vanishing reality6:53 Taking time for gratitude7:11 What are your highlights?8:09 But aren’t I avoid the present>?9:04 Cultivate the will to be present, it’s a skill9:49 Guard your focus and attention10:03 Outro
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