23 minutes | Jul 17th 2020

Never underestimate the power of small action

Change and adaptability are crucial to our survival. Learning how to change on purpose can do wonders in your life.When we talk about change work we often find ourselves getting excited and wanting to change. As our excitement deflates and our motivation gets drained we get the yo-yo effect. Back to square one where it all started.Or you might enter the zone of fear, insecurity and doubt. Finding yourself avoiding the change you crave so badly. These emotions can keep you stuck for years.Sounds familiar?By listening to this episode you will learn about the power of acting small while being consistent.Long lasting change starts a day at a time, by taking small actions that can propel us forward. When we do small changes we build that confidence in ourselves. We feel more supported and safe.Waiting for the perfect moment is another way to avoid change. Only when X happens and only when the planets align then and only then I will be able to change.The fallacy of postponing our happiness to a future event that never comes. It never comes because we haven’t learned to experience it today as a reality.Acting small is about finding something very little that you can do towards the change that you want.Find something small to do, get competent with it and then raise the bar.You can now find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify andGoogle Podcast0:10 Intro0:27 What is acting small0:57 Make small and consistent changes1:31 Long lasting change2:04 Resistance of ego2:17 The ego’s role is to keep the homoeostasis3:08 Mind fear and insecurity5:26 Build confidence and competence by acting small6:04 Doubt creates Fear, Fear creates insecurity9:02 Acting big stops us dead on our tracks9:41 Refreshing your pond13:33 Small changes are achievable today15:44 The size of change is relative to your psychology16:21 Put self in uncomfortable situation16:36 Repetition is key to change17:33 In Summary18:35 Yoyo-effect19:20 Internal Thermostat20:25 Dealing with Addiction a step at a time like Russel Brand21:35 Pick something today taht you want to change in your life22:55 Outro
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