18 minutes | Jun 27th 2020

How to take control of your life and self

Life comes with its ups and downs. When we begin to notice our day to day life, we see that there are moments that we feel in control and there are moments that we don't feel we have control. Our life can easily spiral down and get out of hand.Controlling your life comes with the understanding of a basic truth. A truth that was taught by Epictetus almost 2000 years ago.Some things are within our control, and some things are not.An easy concept to grasp but harder to practice. The reason is that there are a lot of grey areas that we think we can't control but we actually can. There are also things we are trying to control that are beyond our control.Join me on this episode and discover how you can unmask your ego. Find the truth behind the things you can truly control. Why?To regain control of yourself and your life every single day. Remember to ask yourself, "What can I control?"0:09 Intro0:33 Heart of stoicism0:45 Epictetus Quote1:11 How can you take control of your life1:13 Locus of Control2:27 Perception of control (Grey areas)2:58 Why is locus of control important3:07 Results and Expectations4:02 What can we control?4:52 Our Approach (Meaning & Intention)5:04 Rippling lake6:10 Can we control the way we react?6:38 Attaching meaning7:12 How to reframe a situation9:58 Different angle10:17 Regaining control11:17 Acceptance and non-judgement12:24 Self-Efficacy13:50 Being aware15:18 How is this showing up in your life16:34 Accept what you can't change17:18 Outro
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