13 minutes | Aug 15th 2020

How to increase your natural ability to heal

Our body is a complex system. It tries to maintain balance. One of the primary systems is the Automatic Nervous System (ANS).Why talk about the ANS? Our ANS has control over the flight or fight response (The sympathetic system). The way we live, the kind of stimulus we have, activates the fight or flight far more often than any other time in the history. We run our system to the ground by living in a fast pace world full of demands and stressors. As a result our mind and body wear down.We lose our well-being.There is another system in place as a balancing factor to the fight or flight response. We call it the parasympathetic system where we get to rest, digest and heal. The keyword here for us is to heal.If we want to improve our mental and physical health. Improve our well-being we got to find ways to switch off the alarms and allow ourselves to be.What we need is to help ourselves find that space in time. That space to reflect to be calm and peaceful.It's never been more crucial for us to make that time to calm our mind and body down. The healing then takes place automatically in all levels.You can now find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify andGoogle Podcast0:09 Intro0:22 The Emotional Brain0:30 The Automatic Nervous System0:48 Why talk about the Automatic Nervous System (ANS)0:59 We live an unbalanced life1:11 We need to calm and relax more (Entering the parasympathetic system more)1:26 ANS: Primary control Fight or flight and regulating the body2:05 ANS: Sympathetic system and Parasympathetic2:09 Sympathetic: fight or flight2:19 Parasympathetic: Rest, Digest & Heal2:29 Dance and balance of 2 systems3:14 Characteristics of sympathetic system4:03 When we are calm we heal5:06 Both system are there for balance5:10 Running our systems to the ground5:26 There is no difference between real imminent danger vs imaginary danger5:35 Driving the car to the edge5:59 From physical threat to mental threat6:54 Fight or flight is meant to be short lived8:53 Mind body connection9:07 How we experience the world9:36 Allow healing to take place9:45 You are safe10:00 Emotional brain can fire from within10:34 Breathing is key12:12 Allowing ourselves to heal12:42 Outro
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