13 minutes | May 30th 2020

How to change your reality

Understanding how we experience the world is not enough for us to be able to navigate it successfully. We have to use the model to our benefit.

Can we change how we experience the world? Is there a deliberate way of doing this. A way that doesn’t leave things to chance.

Yes, there is. With questions.

Questions are powerful. Questions help us shift our attention and direct our mind. We get a compass that we can use to navigate our world.

By following the questions we start to be deliberate on how we experience the world. We begin to design pleasurable thoughts and emotions. As an effect how we feel about others and ourselves changes. How we view the world changes.

Download the questions pdf before listening to the new episode.

It lists the question in a clear way making it easier for you to craft your experience of the world.


  • 01:48 Before we start
  • 02:12 In short
  • 02:37 Why work on the negative
  • 04:18 What are 3-5 things put me out of balance
  • 05:45 What are 3-5 things put me in balance
  • 11:19 Summarise 4 step formula
  • 11:27 In conclusion
  • 11:47 If you can remember only one thing
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