19 minutes | Sep 26th 2020

How to be kinder to yourself

What’s the one thing that is constantly taking place within our mind and is affecting our emotions?Our thoughts…We voice our thoughts through talking to ourselves. That voice has certain qualities, that voice carries certain messages. That conversation, we call it self-talk or inner dialogue.When it comes to our emotions, we need to understand that we have a choice. Yes, emotions and thoughts can pass through our mind very quickly. There is not much we can do about that event. But there is plenty that we can do afterwards.In this episode we are going to talk about:The effects of negative self-talk in your psychologyThe 2 elements that affect the quality of our emotions and thoughtsWhat you need to give to yourself in order to look after your well-beingHow to control your consciousness and direct it towards a more positive dialogueOur inner self at times is like a kid that fell and scraped its knees. Let’s give ourselves the gift of warmth, love and support. Encourage our self to move on, to forget, to smile. And finally to go out and play once again.You can now find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify andGoogle Podcast0:07 How you use your voice and what you tell yourself0:35 Intro1:16 How we experience the world,1:42 NLP and Auditory Sub-modalities (Pace, Tone)3:04 Tone carries meaning3:07 Message and Tone3:19 Change the message or the tone and change your emotions4:17 Spiral of negative self-talk5:10 Cause & Effect5:23 The Kettle analogy5:53 Thoughts and emotions are chains7:01 The Roller Coaster effect7:55 Become more aware of your internal voice8:58 Thank yourself9:15 Give yourself a new direction9:37 Smashing windows11:25 Start somewhere12:20 What is the message this thing is trying to tell me?12:54 Thanking yourself for being aware13:12 What emotions do you rather have?13:24 Give yourself what you need, look after your well-being13:49 How would you speak to someone you are supporting?13:56 Identify what is but focus on what you want15:14 To summarise the process (Awareness, Thanks, New direction)16:18 In conclusion18:15 Confucius Quote18:25 Need help?18:39 End of season 119:07 Outro
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