21 minutes | Jul 4th 2020

Growth Mindset: Change one tiny step at a time by building hope at times of adversity

In this episode we will dive into Carol Dweck's concept from her psychological research at Stanford University. It ties in nicely with the last episode on locus of control (Controlling what we can)Fixed vs Growth MindsetFixed: You are who you are, and there isn’t much you can do about itGrowth: Belief you can cultivate your qualities through effort, everyone can change and grow through application and experienceDepending on the task at hand we favour one mindset over the other. Our work will be about uncovering when we operate from a fixed mindset. How we can challenge that and use the growth mindset to our advantage.Our beliefs and mindset can dictate our life. They are powerful. By challenging them we can build hope and reclaim our control to stir our life to a better direction.Do a change ever so slightly and see how your confidence changes. See yourself grow before your very eyes. Do it once and then repeat it again and again. You build an avalanche of small tiny changes. When you add things up they have power. A grain of sand has tiny weight, but if you keep adding grains of sand you will soon have something very heavy.0:09 Intro0:31 In the last episode0:49 In this episode0:59 Henry ford quote1:07 Growth Mindset1:20 What is the fixed mindset2:01 What is growth mindset3:49 Why Should we care about growth mindset4:54 Excusing our narrative and living by it5:52 Heraclitus & Inevitability of Change7:24 Change reaction and attachment7:34 Post hypnotic suggestions8:42 Being in the back seat9:49 This too shall change10:30 Building hope10:49 It will stop when we die12:23 Identifying and attaching to a fake self13:24 Hate the sin not the sinner16:03 How can I change this idea that I am no good16:19 Mindfulness helps us see emotions and thoughts as events17:00 To Summarise: Attitude, belief and hope18:09 Move to growth mindset with deliberate change19:01 Will it be hard?19:20 Make tiny minute changes20:20 Avalanche effect20:25 Grains of sand21:02 Help your mind grow by the way you use it21:09 Outro
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