16 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

Fallacies of Goals

For many years, I failed at my goals. I kept setting them up but nothing was happening for me.In this episode, I will take you over some of my personal struggles and blind spots. The aim is to help you achieve your goals without having to go through these hardships.These have been blind spots in my progress. Avoid making the same mistakes like I did and move forward with your goals.0:07 Opening0:30 Intro0:46 In this episode0:56 Fallacy #1: Bucket list1:54 Go on a goal diet2:03 Fallacy #2 Goal competition3:27 Fallacy #3: Wishful thinking4:11 Goals have a price to pay4:52 Fallacy #4: Lack of belief5:34 Am I worth to have this, self-sabotage6:14 Power of small action6:48 Fallacy #5 when7:21 Fallacy #6 over planning8:24 Travelling between two cities9:17 Focus on the next step9:30 Fallacy #7 Lack of feedback10:09 Working in silos doesn’t work11:49 Fallacy #8: Comfort12:22 What you don’t want to do is what you do need to do12:59 Fallacy #9: Vagueness13:34 Fallacy #10: Ego13:54 Be satisfied with where you are14:30 I accept and I am very grateful of where I am today14:36 Summary15:06 You have enough in your life15:21 Outro
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