21 minutes | Jul 31st 2020

Dealing and understanding the emotional brain

Imagine a life without emotions, a cold, dull and logical life. How boring would that be? Now imagine a life where emotions run your every action without any logic. How dangerous could that be?In this episode we will talk about the emotional brain. We will understand the power of emotion. Emotion can help us experience and come in contact with the world. Emotions are a great blessing but they can also prove to be a threat. A threat to whom?To ourselves and others – the ones you deeply love and care so much about.Getting highly emotional inhibits our thinking brain, we stop being rational. We all have seen ourselves and others act with emotion. Doing things they wouldn’t normally do, saying things they never meant. There is a physiological reason behind this.Next time you get too emotional remember to:-Become Aware (yup, awareness shows up here again)Experience your experience, feel it, embrace it, notice it, notice your thoughts. Don’t fight, don’t run, don’t try to figure out why – just be. By experiencing it and being aware you will find a sense of calm. Once you are calm do something that puts you in balance.Now that your brain is fully functioning again, self reflect.When I get too emotional, I rather wait and not react. I rather leave things and think them over when my brain is working. It is not because I am running away from things, it’s a conscious choice. I don’t like damaging myself or others in the process of emotional arousal. I am not always successful by the way…Yes there will be times we need to be assertive and set our boundaries in the moment. There will be times that emotions get the best of us. But don’t allow the heat of the moment carry you away.Remember to use emotion… but don’t let your emotions use you. Use emotion constructively and many doors will open for you.0:08 Intro0:21 The Emotional Brain1:29 Emotion can be a great ally but also an enemy1:43 Simple anatomy of the brain3:04 How we experience the world (link)3:54 Emotion precedes thought4:17 Powers of amygdala5:02 Higher the emotional arousal the more closed the brain gets5:45 Black and White Thinking8:18 Emotions stops us from thinking8:34 Why me, spiral down9:03 Identify emotional brain by the catastrophic thinking9:21 How can I calm myself down10:06 Awareness11:18 Experience it go into it11:38 Remember the things that put you in balance12:31 Post event reflection13:20 Speak to emotion with emotion13:44 Use your senses to achieve peace15:10 Summary15:59 In Conclusion16:45 Avoid acting when emotional17:01 Leave things for a while17:34 We can be spontaneous but not to our expense18:37 Emotions are great19:59 Outro
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