8 minutes | Jul 11th 2020

Adopting the Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is a concept that we can fit into many different areas of our lives. Listening to ideas is great but most importantly we need to integrate ideas into our daily life.On this episode we get to use our knowledge from the last episode with an exercise.From the exercise we will get to:Find proof that things in our life have always changedIdentify what are 3 things that you want to changeWrite down 3 small actions that we can do to accomplish the changeYou will also find a Bonus affirmation that you can use daily for your personal growth.By finding references of change, we give birth to the belief that change is possible. Pair belief with Awareness and consistent action you get to experience change. You will feel more in control of your life. From there you can allow your potential to unfold.You can now find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify andGoogle Podcast.0:10 Intro0:32 Last Episode0:55 In this episode0:57 Exercise1:17 Part 1 (3 things that have changed)1:45 Get convinced change is possible1:56 Look at others if you can't2:05 Part 22:32 Things can change3:52 Building Awareness of when4:46 There must be a way4:51 Change to what? Moving to vision and goals5:26 Act small6:06 Is the pain I endure worth it?6:30 Feel the pain, rise up to it and deal with it6:47 Inevitability of change7:07 Use faith7:16 Notice your life change7:36 James Allen Quote7:56 Outro
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