16 minutes | Jun 13th 2020

A habit that will change your life

Practicing mindfulness is one habit that can change your life significantly.  The reason is that it helps us get a clearer and sharper mind. It helps us become more sensitive to our internal and external world.  If meditating has been on your mind for a while, this is definitely the episode to listen to.  Jump on and learn how simple it is to practice mindfulness.0:08 Intro1:08 Happiest man in the world1:53 Forget about special meditations2:41 Why should you meditate?3:20 Seeing what's there3:41 Water meter story5:35 Pressing leg6:41 When to meditate8:08 How to meditate12:55 Passing clouds analogy13:13 Waves Analogy13:54 Conclusion14:56 Moving beyond obstacles15:05 Calling home15:56 Plant the seed16:07 Outro
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