31 minutes | Oct 10th 2017

The Haunted Boy | E1

The story of The Exorcist is rooted in horrifying facts. Robbie is a young boy living in suburban Washington DC and he has been possessed by...something. Young Linda Blair loves horses, young William Friedkin loves scaring people, and young William Peter Blatty hears the story of the haunted boy in his religion class at Georgetown. It was so shocking, he would never forget it. One day, he will write it down.Subscribe today so you never miss an episode: https://smarturl.it/itexThank you to our sponsors:Shudder - Join Shudder today for the best in thrillers, suspense, and horror and get a free month when you enter code EXORCIST at checkout. www.shudder.comMack Weldon - When facing down your worst nightmare, performance based undergarments can make all the difference. Get 20% off when you enter code EXORCIST at checkout. www.mackweldon.com
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