69 minutes | Nov 27th 2019

Nailing the Look and Dress of an Event with Sam Goodwin from CSM Sport and Entertainment - E77

The right look for an event can make or break the impact it has not only those attending but also those watching from afar and definitely on how sponsors, and even potential commercial partners, perceive the event.

Rights holders can significantly enhance the experience for fans and corporate partners with the right look, the right environmental branding, whether it is dressing whole cities, a stadium, or an activation space.

Obviously, on the partnership front, there are elements of the look of an event that will be assets or inventory that can be sold to sponsors e.g. signage, or, if you are a brand, assets that you can activate as part of your sponsorship. How the overall look is planned and executed, however, can really elevate the prestige and engagement of an event and, without putting to crude a point on it, means that rights holders can command more sponsorship dollars and brands can extract greater ROI and ROO.

Interestingly, when we are immersed in an event with a well planned and executed look, it is almost seamless; we don’t really separate it from the activity of the event itself. So, we aren’t often conscious of it. We become very conscious, however, when an event’s look is not up to scratch and we definitely feel its impact on our engagement. Remember, it isn’t just us - sponsors, and potential commercial partners, are also forming perceptions when an event’s look isn’t right.

One person who knows well is Sam Goodwin, Managing Director at CSM Sport and Entertainment. Sam’s experiences across events include Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and Rugby World Cups and he joins us on the show to share some great advice on how you can ensure the right look for your events and maximise your commercial revenue.

You can connect with Sam on LinkedIn or visit csm.com or csmlive.com.

Also, on the show, is Mark Thompson, KORE’s Head of International Business, to discuss his latest blog. Mark recently attended Leaders Week in London and has been mulling over some of the key takeaways which are very heavily focused on how data continues to dominate.


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