42 minutes | Sep 11th 2019

Inside Nissan with Alison Tyson, Senior Manager - Brand and Sponsorship - Ep 74

Some brands are just constants in the sponsorship landscape. Sure, they may move properties from time-to-time but they are always part of the experience, somewhere.

How do these brands consistently figure out ways to stay relevant, engage audiences, and yet not distract from the experiences that audiences are actually there to experience?

How do they keep coming up with new ideas and not go stale, while still working as part of the brands overall marketing, because those brand’s objectives and goals don’t generally experience big shifts in small amounts of time?

Plus, how does sponsorship remain an important element of that overall marketing when the brands are household names already; we are highly unlikely to forget who they are?

Further, while the highly visible assets are obvious, the naming rights, the signage, the uniform branding, etc. what other assets are they utilising to help achieve their goals? What do they find most valuable?

To help answer all these questions, Alison Tyson, Senior Manager, Brand and Sponsorship, at Nissan, joins us on the show and provides some really interesting and insightful views into how Nissan approaches and executes their sponsorships. 

As usual, we also look at one of KORE’s latest blogs, so, also joining us on the show is KORE Software’s, Commercial Manager, Australasia, Daniel-Ferguson-Hill, who asks “Is Sponsorship worth it if we don’t need the ‘Branding’ play?”







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