57 minutes | Aug 17, 2020

Ep52 Orchestrating Relevant Sales Conversations: Two Insiders Share Their Work to Overcome Barriers to Sales

Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 52What happens when you get people together remotely or in-person to build something to "help sales sell?". Take an Insider's look at what it takes to navigate internal perspectives, challenges, and vision to co-create value together.Doug and Imogen join the guys to discuss their work. They provide real-world examples that illuminate and provide structure to the challenges they overcome while working with marketing, sales, and product groups. You'll hear a lively discussion about what it means to orchestrate by blending together both strategy and tactics to simplify sales while achieving business objectives.Take a listen to learn more about:Why orchestration is valuable to executivesWhat orchestration "looks like" to the leaders involvedWays to overcome internal bias and people who want to "steamroll" the solutionOvercoming siloed thinking by creating clarity through the work
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