59 minutes | Nov 6, 2019

Episode 7: Ryan Singer on how Basecamp approaches building software

This episode we are hosting Ryan Singer from Basecamp. Ryan is one of the earliest members of Basecamp. Along with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hannson he built the first version of Basecamp. 15 years later he wrote a book on how Basecamp approaches building software.  We talk about:Techniques on Shape Up Why Agile doesn't work for most teamsHow to approach building softwareWhat you should be doing first when building softwareWhy do you need to learn betting How to communicate with teamHow to plan workWhy Basecamp doesn't have product managersWhat is Basecamp looking for  when hiring How to compensate in person time in remote teams  Links:Shape UpBasecampJobs to be DoneiPad ProApple PencilNotabilityZoomEconomist Credits:Gramatik for music 
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