57 minutes | Aug 21, 2019

Episode 4: Matt Wondra on building new tools for distributed teams

This time I was talking with Matt Wondra. Matt is a Product Lead at Happy Tools, company of Automattic. Matt started his career in tech as a developer and after while switched to the role of Product Lead. This episode Matt shares a lot of interesting things regarding remote work and how they are planning to help other companies operate in distributed way with new set of remote tools. In this episode we talk about: How Happy Tools started How to discuss new work Learning on how to operate remotely What can onsite teams learn from remote teams Optimizing remote work How to approach hiring Notes and links: Happy Tools Automattic Happy Schedule Communication is key Champaign, Illionois Campfire Zoom Drafts Trello Matt Wondra Website Twitter Credits: Jan Jenko for header photo Gramatik for intro music
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