59 minutes | Aug 12, 2019

Episode 3: Radoslav Stankov on how to approach Remote Work

This time I was talking with Radoslav Stankov. Radoslav is Head of Engineering at Product Hunt. He is a true source of knowledge. From organizing conferences to travelling around Europe and working remotely, you will hear a lot of interesting advices from Rado. If you want to meet him a person and learn more about React.js, you should definitely attend React Not a Conf he organizes every year in Sofia, Bulgaria. In this episode we talk about: Organizing conference Breaking into remote work Everyday habits Leading remote teams Optimizing remote work Notes and links: Product Hunt ReactNotAConf Vienna Andreas Klinger 2 Pizza Rule AngelList Feedback is underrated Routine Pomodoro Todoist Bear 1Password Audible Thinking Fast and Slow Antifragile The Pragmatic Programmer The Phoenix Project Refactoring to Patterns Radoslav Stankov Website Twitter Github Credits: Jan Jenko for header photo Gramatik for intro music
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